BullGuard Mobile Security APK Is Here! LATEST VERSION

Are you worried about your mobile security, battery drainage, backup and theft issues? There is no need to bother anymore. BullGuard Mobile Security will resolve all issues highlighted above. In addition to that, it protects the lifespan of your Mobile too. This app is a kind of a masterpiece developed by the BullGuard that you will love using. It is quite easy to use. You can control your device with full authority from anywhere.
This App is equipped with pretty wonderful features which are as follow.
  • Antivirus – It protects your Android from viruses, malware, adware, trackware etc. that could have an adverse effect on your mobile’s health. Both the facility of automatic and manual scan is available. The automatic scan starts soon after installation.
  • Antitheft – Helps you to lock, locate, and wipe data in case your mobile is stolen or snatched as it is a web-based tool. You can control your device from msm.bullguard.com.  Also, it lets you find the misplaced phone by signaling an alarm. Login into your account to control and monitor your device from anywhere.
  • SIM Protection – It automatically activates device Lock if SIM is replaced.
  • Call Manager – Block unwanted and troublesome calls and messages but putting the number into the blacklist. Blocks spam messages automatically.
  • Backup – Save your messages, calendar, and contacts without any fear of losing. Your data is saved and encrypted in secure cloud location from any loss. Moreover, you can also transfer data to other devices as well.
  • Mobile Security Manager – This platform empowers you to control your device from anywhere anytime. It does not only help you to manage and keep an open eye on it but also lets you send antitheft commands to your device.
Note: There are some features such as Parental Control and Secure up to 5 devices, are only available in the Premium version so upgrade to premium version to make all the features work. There is no need to get any license key or any discount codes for the free version.
So, I personally recommend this Mobile Security App to keep your mobile protected anytime.

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