Taichi Panda v2.34 Mod APK October 12, 2017

Taichi Panda v2.34 outapk for android 

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived in Avzar, and the gentle tinkle of sleigh bells rides on the evening breeze. Don your finest holiday wear and string tinsel and baubles from your all new military-style tank mount! But even as tidings of comfort and joy are spread far and wide across Avzar, dark forces continue to simmer beneath the surface. Heroes must brandish their weapons and defend the realm from evil. This Christmas, dive into a festive frenzy with the all-new Snowstorm Update!
Touch Arcade – “A stand-out in RPG genre! Advice – “An intense and fast-paced dungeon crawler!”
148 Apps – “Make this the Year of the Panda!”
Inside X *Spark – “Best of Social/Mobile E3 2015”
The Journey Begins
Grab your sword and battle hordes of crazy creatures, magical mysteries, and sinister specters on an action-filled journey to become the ultimate legend! Prove you have what it takes in a goofy and thrilling action adventure MMO rendered with PC quality 3D graphics and full-body motion capture technology.
Slash Through Opponents
True power lies within, unleash your hero and fight through to infinity! Battle through unique levels wielding blades, magic, and fists to bash enemies into oblivion with a fun, fast-paced action combat system. Master the unique skills of 6 distinct heroes to defeat enemies and become the ultimate champion of Avzar!
Discover Powerful Gear
Build up a powerful hero through strength and cunning in an RPG adventure! Collect and upgrade gear, skills, pets and mounts to increase your might and unlock your inner potential. Do you have what it takes to become a Taichi Legend?
Battle Online and Rule the Land
Join in online PvP and co-op with other players! Take on powerful bosses, and become a hero alongside allies in Team Instances. Battle in the arena, join Guilds for online Guild competition and co-op, or enter the fray in 25v25 Battle Royale PvP. Capture territory in Warpath, and rise to the top in team arena PvP League!
What’s New
1. 2nd Anniversary Titles and 2nd Anniversary Theme for Main City 
2. New Pet: Elven Prince 
3. Red Awakening Skills Available for Pets 
4. Hard Mode Added for Squad Instance Soul Academy 
5. Function Endless Abyss Added 
6. Ascendant Mode Added for Edge of Survival 
7. Golden Badge and Red Badge Now Available in Outfit Inset 
8. Everyday Active Points Added 
9. Equipment Rune Switching Function Added 
10. Taichi Adventure Cards Available for Use Against Citadel Foes
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