Reminder Pro v2.4.0 PRO [Paid] APK [Latest]

Reminder PRO
Reminder – a truly intuitive reminder app that will never let you miss a thing. This app is the ultimate tool for keeping yourself organized. It’s a beautiful, fast and intuitive reminder app without unnecessary or complicated features.
Scheduling of the tasks has never been easier.
It’s that productivity boost you always needed!
• No Ads
• Material design
• Intuitive task/reminder creation
• Ability to create the repetitive tasks/reminders (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
• Task/reminder markers
• Convenient task/reminder ordering
• Straightforward navigation
• Informative notifications
• Task synchronization
• Beautiful widgets
• Gorgeous themes
• Customizable experience
• Speech Recognition support
• Do not disturb mode
• Tablet support
A must-have Reminder app
Embrace the power of the Reminder and start getting your things done on time.
❍ Use it as an event planner.
Plan your events in advance with Reminder. Create the informative reminders easily, and be assured you will never miss a thing.
❍ Use the beautiful reminder widgets to always keep yourself up to date.
❍ Create your own, personalized task list; use colorful markers to signify the importance of particular tasks.
❍ Customize the appearance of the Reminder with the gorgeous themes.
❍ Use the task synchronization to keep yourself notified across all of your devices.
❍ Create new reminders using your voice.
❍ Stay organized.
– v2.4.0
• Minor bug fixes
• Performance improvements
• Now you have more control over the ringtones of the notifications and alarms
• Now you can customize the Navigation Drawer Header’s Image Set
• The task postponing functionality has been reworked, now the time of the recurring tasks doesn’t get changed
• The Task creation screen has been redesigned

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