Rotation – Orientation Manager v8.1.0 Full Unlocked APK [Latest]

Rotation – Orientation Manager
Rotation – An Orientation Manager is a tool to control device orientation. It offers all the modes that Android supports and you can also override each app settings to rotate according to your need. It doesn’t matters that app has that mode, it completely overrides the app and system settings. Let’s give it a try and it also has lots of other useful features.
Offers a bunch of features and settings so that you can use according to your need and style.
Supported modes:-
System default modes
* Auto-Rotate On
* Auto-Rotate Off
Other modes to override system settings
* Forced Auto-Rotate
* Forced Portrait
* Forced Landscape
* Reverse Portrait
* Reverse Landscape
* Sensor Landscape
* Forced Full Sensor
Lock Current:- Automatically lock current device orientation
Per App Settings:-
* Select Orientation for individual apps
* Override Lock screen orientation
* Control Phone call orientation
Rotate on demand:-
* Rotate apps whenever you want. Extend the functionality of Per App Settings with ease of access
* Floating head:- A head remains on top of every app. Use it to change foreground app orientation. Single tap, Double tap, Drag and Long press & Drag to perform different actions
* Quick notification:- Change orientation of foreground app from notification
* Enable notifications for uninterrupted service
* Select notification click action
* Add toggles in notification to change orientation quickly
* Fully customisable widgets with lock screen support (Android 4.2.2+)
* Service widget: To quickly toggle service
* Mode widget: To quickly toggle between two selected modes
* Dynamic widget: Add toggles according to your need
User Interface:-
* Select from light and dark base themes inspired from Material UI
* Add colours to suit your style via Rotation theme accents. Xperia™ theme accents are also supported
* Choose from two icon sets via default and Inverted style
* Themes will be applied on App, Widgets and Notification toggles
In-built support:-
* Backup and Restore:- Backup your settings and restore in case of failure
* Reset settings within the app
* Restart application if it doesn’t behave properly
* You can report bug via email
Other features:-
* Start on boot:- Start rotation service on boot
* Vibration:- To notify when screen orientation changes with customisable vibration length
* Help and Info:- Detailed info about orientation mode and easy to understand Tutorial
* Uninstall option within the app
GET_TASKS :- To retrieve the currently running app
CHANGE_CONFIGURATION:- To change system configuration
WRITE_SETTINGS:- To change system orientation settings
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW:- To change foreground orientation
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED:- To start service when device boots up
VIBRATE:- To vibrate device when orientation changes
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:- To create or restore backup
This is a 7-day trial version. Buy Rotation Key from Play store for unlimited usage.
– This app doesn’t require root permission.
– Certain applications might not display properly when forced to work on portrait/landscape mode. Use Auto-Rotate On/Off from Per App Settings to use system settings for those apps.
What’s New
All new start #RotationReboot
* 10 orientation modes.
* Support for various events and apps.
* Day/Night themes with unlimited colors.
* Notification & widgets with custom themes.
* Extension to perform over 40 actions.
* App shortcuts, QS tile, etc.
– Please configure app, widgets, plugin, etc. again.
– Not translated in other languages, coming soon.

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