[Substratum] Risalto Dark v1.1.1 [Patched] APK [Latest]

Substratum] Risalto Dark
Theme compatible with all ROMs that support Substratum.
Risalto Dark is a Substratum Theme compatible with all ROMs that support Substratum.
Themed elements are many; the main color is dark grey (in all his shades) and the accent of the apps is like the stock color is.
If you don’t know what Substratum and root are, maybe this application is not for you.
Themed apps 
– Android Framework
– Calculator (AOSP)
– Calculator
– Contacts (AOSP)
– Contacts
– Dialer (AOSP)
– Dialer
– Messages (AOSP)
– Messagges
– Hangout
– Settings
– SystemUI
– Navbar
– Play Store
– Dropbox
– Facebook
– InBox
– Pixel Launcher
– Google+
– Translate
– GMail
– Keep
– YouTube
– Whatsapp
– Substratum
and many others…
Also you can choose from different colors accent like blue, teal, grey, red…
If you have any kind of problems send a mail to: [email protected]
If you like Risalto Dark don’t forget to leave a review.
– Fixes in Whatsapp;
– Themed last version of substratum;
– New available color: [Special] Soft Azure.
– Fixes in AOSP DocumentsUI;
– New app themed: Google Play Console;
– New available color: [Special] Sparkling Green.


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