3D Satellite Tracker v1.9 [Pro] APK [Latest]

3D Satellite Tracker
3D Satellite displays selected satellites on a 3D hollow globe.
★ Track satellites in realtime.
★ View the recent path of the satellite.
★ Spin the globe and pinch to zoom.
★ Tap a satellite to see it’s path for next 8 hours.
Choose which satellite sets to display from Space Stations (including the ISS International Space Station), GPS, Military to Weather satellites.
See the app help for a color key.
Position data is from Celestrak.
Satellites in wrong place? check your phone time and timezone is correct!
OPTIONAL: In app payment to remove the advert and support dev.
(If you have any issue please email your device, OS version and full description of the problem).
What’s New
Multi-window support on Android 7 Nougat, fix for color picker view

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