Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.2.2.3 APK

Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.2.2.3 APK Utilize your cell phone to control your TV, Cable/Satellite box and numerous more gadgets! Peel application can control every well known brand of :
TVs – Samsung, LG, Sony, Vizio, Toshiba and so on.,
Link/Satellite box – Comcast, Dish, DirecTV, , DirectTV and so on.
Spilling Media players – Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Chromecast
Home machines ( AC and Heaters) – Samsung, LG, Panasonic . and so on.
Peel remote uses worked in IR equipment on telephone models, for example, LG G2/G4/G5, Huawei Honor 7/8, Xiaomi Mi 4/5/Redmi and some more. For telephones without the IR equipment, for example, Samsung S8 and S7, Peel utilizes WiFi to find and control gadgets.
Simple to setup Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control v10.2.2.3 APK
• Peel consequently sets up every one of the gadgets in your Wi-Fi organize which can be controlled through IR
o Else, you would setup be able to Remotes for your TV and link/Satellite box and utilize your telephone to control your TV and DTH/Cable box.
Peel empowers You to
• Use the remote gadget on the bolt screen to do essential control of TV and Satellite box
• Use the full remote on tapping the yellow air pocket
Tune into your most loved shows/films by tapping on the show pictures
• Get a rundown of shows, diversions and motion pictures which are ‘Drifting Now’ and you ‘As of late Watched Channels’ , simply tune into those shows by tapping on appears
• Get strips of shows of every kind
• Set up suggestions to watch your most loved shows/Games/Movies
• Search your most loved shows/wear groups/channels
• Get Notifications on mainstream sports amusements, Movie debuts and Show debuts, on tapping them, you will into those shows
• Browse the channel guide and see the timetables of your most loved channels.
• See trailers, features, short clasps of your most loved shows in the ‘Recordings’ segment.


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