Safe Uninstaller – Premium App Deleter v1.1 Paid APK [Latest]

Safe Uninstaller – Premium app deleter

Safe Uninstaller is tool for deletion of unused applications to get more space available. It allow multiple app deletion on single button click. The additional details of application size such as code, cache and data will help you decide on uninstallation. You can also reinstall deleted apps from recycle bin.
‘Scan unused apk’ will search apk’s all over your phone and memory card. You can choose to delete apk files. Recycle bin will store all deleted apps for a quicker installation again without need to download from google play.
Easy, reliable and handy uninstaller tool for your android phone. Free up storage by deleting apps and unused APK files.
  • Recycle Bin to reinstall deleted apps
  • App History for reinstall deleted apps
  • Scan memory to remove unused APK files
  • User Installed and System Apps
  • Search Installed Apps and System Apps
  • Sort by Large-small size, name and latest installation time.
  • Multiple or single app removal with confirmation
  • Suggest venerability of apps
  • Open apps or review any app on play store
  • Night mode view
  • Delete App in phone memory
  • Uninstall App, Remove apps, Delete Apps

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