Smart Tools Laser Level Pro v1.06 APK [Latest]

Smart Tools Laser Level Pro
Smart Laser Level app with 3 different modes, functionality to save your records and get xls files or display your recods via charts. Smart Laser Level offers more than any other tools.
•3 precise measurement modes and calibration option
•Ability to save current reading into a record and save your record as xls file
•Image gallery with details and other features
•Highly customizable app settings and user interface
•Azimuth, pitch, roll and bearing info
•Leveling option to set pitch and rolls resulting more precise measurement.
Measurment Screen
Rotate your device on laser level measurement mode to make a precise measurement. To get more precise reading make sure that leveling line is aligned with laser level.
•Freeze Button: This button freezes preview or unfreezes it if you touch again. It’s useful to stop camera preview and measure angle.
•Reset Button: Resets laser level position, or removes dragged angle if measurement mode is Angle1.
•Measure Button: Button on the top is menu for measurement for measurement modes and calibration.
•Angle1 Button: General Settings > Save Preferences
To set save directory for images, use Settings Screen > Photo Encoding Settings > Save Preferences
• Gallery Screen
Gallery screen displays images inside the image directory selected using Settings screen.
Touch an image to display details.
Important: To display some of the Exif data your device must be Android 7.0 and above.
Touch image again to display zoomable image with edit, share and delete options.
If you have any questions feel free to send email using app.
Thanks for choosing this app.
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