Scientific calculator (casio fx) v3.7.0 (Ad-Free) APK [Latest]

Scientific Calculator It’s a powerfull android calculator with real look. It is one of the few android calculators with complex numbers equations support. It is a scientific calculator supports most of the features of Casio jx570ms, fx570esplus, 570vnplus …
It is a basic calculator
Graphing calculator with algebra, assential for math class in school or college.
Is a conversion tool between units such as weight, volume, area, length, currency, capacity, pressure, speed, time, temperature …
❤ This application has 1000 mathematical and physical formulas, as a quick reference manual.
+ Calculations with large numbers up to trillion.
+ Calculate complex calculations.
+ Show calculations write as you would on paper.
+ Create favorite calculations that make calculations faster
+ Graphing calculator.
+ Solve the equations: linear equation for degree one,quadratic equation for degree two,cubic equation for degree three, System of linear equations
+ Save history.
+ Unit and currency convert with easy and simple ui
+ Find the greatest common divisor for multiple numbers (GCD)
+ Find the least common multiple for multiple numbers(LCM)
+ Undo when you miss a mistake.
+ There are many beautiful themes with different style
+ It supports most of the features of Casio jx570ms, fx570esplus, Casio 570vnplus, casio 991es plus, casio 991ms.
+ Stores past caculations.
+ Select a calculation in list history and edit it.

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