Geology Toolkit v2019.6.0 Premium APK

Geology Toolkit v2019.6.0 Premium APK
Geology Toolkit v2019.6.0 Premium APK
TouchPal Keyboard Premium v7.0.8.1 APK
descriptions: Geography Toolkit is a finished android application which enables geologists to look at and investigate minerals and rocks includes under magnifying lens or hand-example properties.
Geography Toolkit makes mineralogy and petrology to be simpler to inspect a flimsy area and to comprehend the trademark properties for every mineral/shake without a petrographic magnifying instrument, which is known to be over the top expensive. It is for the most part routed to geoscience understudies/geologists as a guide in individual or managed research facility work.
Made by a Geologist for Geologists
Primary FEATURES? Premium plan and Ad free
The interface is easy to use, promotion free and instinctive, the principle menu can be gotten to each time by swiping your finger on a level plane over the screen or by squeezing the ‘cheeseburger’ symbol in the upper left corner.? GeoQuizzes – Learn by doing!
Test your topography learning of the material on this application or from the class/research center/field with these GeoQuizzes.
? Mineralogy Quiz
? Igneous rocks Quiz? Dedicated to Mineralogists
Different highlights are created as a guide for field outings or research center work.
? 43 most basic minerals in dainty segment (transmited and reflected light)
? ‘IdentifyMin under magnifying lens’ is a calculation for a quick and consistent ID of minerals in slender segments;
? Hand-example photos (at high goals) of 43 most basic minerals with panzoom usefulness;
? Swipeable exhibition (contact amicable – swipe and panzoom) with pictures of minerals and shakes slim segments under microsope
? Mineral Classification of more than 200 normal mineral species
? Search in 5125 Mineral species (mineral name, science, components, nation of sort territory and auxiliary groupname)
? Searchable Mohs Hardness Scale for more than 80 regular mineral species
? ‘Gemstones’ segment offer informations about gemstones, adornments and valuable metals
? ‘IdentifyMin (Hand-Specimen)’ can be utilized to effortlessly recognize hand-example minerals
? Michel-Levy shading outline
? Classify an Igneous, Sedimentary or a Metamorphic shake
? 18 most regular molten shakes in dainty segment (transmited light): antacid feldspar stone, soluble base feldspar rhyolite, rock, rhyolite, granodiorite, tonalite, dacite, diorite, andesite, basalt, gabbro, salt feldspar syenite, soluble base feldspar trachyte, syenite, trachyte, foid syenite, peridotite and harzburgite;
? Handy Rock Identification
? Browse molten rocks which contain an order for volcanic and plutonic rocks
? Textures and microstructures of volcanic rocks
? Interactive QAPF charts (volcanic and plutonic rocks)
? Diagram for modular characterization of gabbroic rocks
Interactive Ultramafic charts (Ol-Opx-Cpx and Ol-Px-Hbl)
? Interactive TAS chart
? Bowen’s response arrangement
? Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks arrangement
? Crystallography
? Introduction to Crystallography (laws, precious stone frameworks, and so on.)
? 48 precious stone structures with tomahawks and mill operator records
? Chemistry highlights
? Periodic Table of Elements
? Solubility graph
? GeoCompass
? Geological Time Scale include
? Geology cites
? Glossary with terms utilized in optical mineralogy
? Engineering Geology segment
What’s New
  • in 2.1.5 // Sylvite
  • + *added new feature “GPS” under “GeoUtilities”
  • + fixed minor bugs;
  • *Note: new permissions are required: access location


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