Cinema HD Official v2.1.7 APK (Latest Version)

Cinema HD Official v2.1.7 APK (Latest Version)


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Cinema HD is an Android APK file that features a lot of flicks & TV/Shows to observe and download. Cinema App may be a safe application because it doesn’t show any illegal pirated content. It only acquires online Movie links from various HD sources and provides a clean interface. So, let’s download Free Movies App to multiple devices.
Watch the newest movies and television shows.
Cinema HD is a web media file program & browser
It acts as a client-side web crawler to crawl & scrape hyperlinks that are already available on the interenet for you.
This app is for educational purposes & personal use only.
Media files & hyperlinks should be deleted within 24 hrs.
Cinema HD contains only links to other sites on internet.
It doesn’t host or upload any media files.


Version 2.1.7 JAN,2020
-Fixed bugs: some sites can't verify recaptcha
-Fixed providers:Afdah,DaxivMovies,DDLValley,
-Fixed resolvers: Fembed,HydraX,Nofile,VidMoly
-Added providers: HD7Movies,HDNext
-Added resolvers: Gdriver,Postrean,VideoBin


Cinema HD Official v2.1.7 APK (Latest Version)

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